Cotton Mesh Bags Double Pack

100% natural cotton 

Our reusable grocery bags are ethically manufactured and free of toxins, dyes and bleach. 

Super convenient: Our bags come in 2 sizes per set, big enough for your everyday grocery shopping: 

M: 21 x 32 cm L: 32 x 35 cm 

Washable, durable & reusable: With reinforced double stitching on all sides and drawstring bag closures, our heavy-duty, eco-friendly bags are strong enough for carrying heavy bulk items such as potatoes, onions, carrots, apples, oranges or any other type of produce! Shop confidently for your favorite produce, while avoiding using the single use plastic bags in store! Perfect for safe storage of fruits and vegetables Keep your fruit and veggies up to a week, as delicious as the day you bought them, thanks to the refined breathable mesh material, which preserves maximum freshness! 

Easy to clean Simply wash them in cold water, then let them air dry. Great gift idea Beautifully designed, clean looking, elegant and lightweight they make a great gift for your friends, family or anyone else who wants to lead a "green" life-style.