Kitchen Brushes

High-performance ecological dishwashing cleaners - super zero waste helpers in the household. Perfect for kitchen utensils such as pots, bowls, ladles, pans, cups, vases, etc. or for cleaning vegetables and fruits.
Healthy and ecological materials: bristles made of natural coconut or sisal fibers, twisted wire, wooden handle. Durable bristles easily scrub food, stains and dirt and are safe for use on non-stick surfaces. Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. Can be hung and air dried.

Available in 2 options: 
Bamboo and Coconut Dishwashing Brush /Vegetable brush/ and Bamboo and Sisal Brush for Bottles.

Bamboo and Coconut Dishwashing Brush  

An eco-friendly cleaner that can help you clean almost anything ecologically! Perfect for kitchen utensils such as pots, bowls, ladles, pans etc. Also often used for cleaning of vegetables and fruits.

Switch to a nature-friendly way of cleaning at home and dispose of the brush in an environmentally friendly manner.


Total length: 25 cm

Handle length: 16 cm

Head - approx. 9 x 9 cm

Bamboo and Sisal Brush for Bottles

Perfect for washing not only bottles, but also goblets, decanters, baby bottles, sports bottles, vases, glasses, kettles, blenders, coffee pots, tumblers etc.

Healthy and eco-friendly materials: natural sisal fiber bristles, twisted wire, bamboo handle.

Perfectly angled to fit the bottle shape for a safe and efficient cleaning.

The handle is large enough to comfortably hold but thin enough to fit in the bottle's narrow opening. Durable bristles easily scrub away stains without harming or scratching delicate surfaces. Can be hung and air-dried thanks to the hook design and the string provided.

Total length: 29 cm