Mesh Tote Shopping Bags

100% natural cotton 

Eco-Friendly : These reusable, all natural and chemical free grocery bags can replace thousands of paper and single-use plastic bags. Thus, you can avoid contributing to the ever-increasing plastic pollution 

Foldable and convenient : Each ILOVEECO net bag is lightweight, yet naturally stretchable and durable. Small and light, you can take it with you anywhere, in your pocket, backpack, purse or glove box. However, when you start filling it with products, it stretches and expands as needed. 

They are ideal for produce, vegetable, fruit, cans and frozen food. Also great for any outdoor trip: beach, hiking, camping etc. 

Super cute, retro style, comfortable grip, making a perfect gift for your family or eco-conscious friend. 

Machine Washable Made of 100% cotton fabric the bag is machine washable with cold water. 

Size: 35 x 36 cm; Length of handles available in 2 options: 10 cm or 25 cm /With Long or Short Handles/

1. Mesh Tote Shopping Bags with Short Handles                  Available in 10 colors: natural, blue, green, purple, black, yellow, pink, red, light blue, brown

2. Mesh Tote Shopping Bags        with Long Handles

Available in 10 colors: natural, blue, green, purple, black, yellow, pink, red, light blue, brown