The Dream Team :) 

 The pretty "chick" on the left is the muse that fuels the forward-thinking policy of the Company. Don't get deceived by the young looks; in addition to being an awesome mom, she's also a fierce business woman and the CEO of the Company.

The little gentleman in the middle, is the President of the Company. He wants to grow up and live on a clean planet, free of plastic and pollution.

As for the guy on the right, in addition to being the President's chauffeur, he sometimes fulfills the role of CEO, when mommy-CEO is too busy preparing the food for Mr. President.

Jokes aside, we are a family fascinated by tech and science and set out on a mission to save the world. :-)
No, really; the part about saving the world was not a joke. Click below to find out more about our super - futuristic project!