The Coolest Toothbrushes Ever!

Why Bamboo Toothbrushes?

According to dental professionals' recommendation, you should change your toothbrush every three months or sooner.

Most people (almost 8 billion and counting) have been using mostly plastic toothbrushes all their life.

The problem is that plastic is not biodegradable, therefore all the toothbrushes you've ever used and discarded are still out there, adding up to the incredible amount of garbage that keeps piling up around us.

Now that we're aware of this horrendous fact, it's only natural that we use a natural alternative which is not invasive to our already-collapsing ecosystem.

Why ILOVEECO.EU Bamboo Toothbrushes?

  • Superior quality
  • 100% biodegradable handle
  • Soft - for sensitive gums
  • Sustainable dental care
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip handle design
  • Zero plastic and BPA free
  • 100% recyclable bristles
  • Organic & vegan friendly
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly & compostable
  • No unnecessary extra packaging
  • 100% recyclable box
  • Designed in EU
  • Recommended by top EU dentists
  • Perfect gift idea


Made with eco-friendly materials which clean and brighten your teeth safely and naturally.

Thanks to the active charcoal infused bristles, long term, daily use, ensures naturally whiter, cleaner teeth and healthier gums.


Each of our toothbrushes has a smooth handle, with a sleek design, that feels extra comfortable when brushing.

Its curves have been specifically designed into a super-ergonomic shape for a snug fit and excellent brush control.

Soft bristles thoroughly clean your teeth with a massage-like
sensation, while protecting delicate, sensitive gums.
Best way to remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains, safely and naturally.


Small, yet extremely effective brush head.

The beautifully crafted handle design helps position the toothbrush at the correct angle, while the compact brush head makes it easy to reach and clean all parts of your mouth.

Extremely lightweight and comfortable, heat treated, splinter free and water resistant handle, with active charcoal bristles which
efficiently remove plaque and bacteria build-up even from the most difficult to access areas.

Excellent quality choice and the best brush that money can buy! :) 


Top quality, professional dental hygiene.
The specially designed round handle reduces the pressure to a minimum, while the soft bristles allow careful and gentle cleansing, without irritating or scratching the gums.

The bristles embedded with active charcoal help combat bad breath and odor-causing bacteria, while strengthening your enamel.


The extremely small head and the extra fine filaments, 

Significantly softer than the "standard soft" bristles make this bamboo toothbrush for kids truly unique.

Probably the softest bamboo brush on the market, with a rounded handle which reduces pressure to a minimum, it will protect your kids' sensitive gums and precious teeth enamel.

Your child will hardly feel the brush, making the "task" of brushing
less stressful not only for your child, but also for yourself. ;)

Simply the best toothbrush for "starters"! :) 

Premium - Double Pack

Improve the appearance of your teeth naturally and responsibly.

Our toothbrushes are the perfect solution to achieve excellent dental health, while protecting the environment;

Made only with eco-friendly materials that can be safely recycled or composted.

Conveniently packed in a double box, keep 1 brush at home and one at the office so you can also maintain a healthy (regular) dental hygiene after lunch.

Expert - Double Pack

The perfect gift idea for your "eco-family" or "eco-friends".
Forget the "Christmas socks" cliché! Why not try "Christmas Toothbrushes"? :P

An excellent gift for parents, couples, friends, vegans, it will make
an impression on people who strive to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Professional - Double Pack

Ladies' & Gentlemen's VIP Club 

This set of bamboo toothbrushes is the perfect gift idea for any
couple that wants to live an eco-responsible lifestyle.

Each brush comes with a different color on the handle (pink for "Her" and golden for "Him") so you can easily tell the toothbrushes apart.

Also an excellent gift for Valentine's day! ;)

Ergonomic + Expert

Not sure which brush is best?

We get it! ;) We offer so many great choices that we end up making it really difficult for you to pick one :P

With us, you can rest assured that no matter what you purchase, it's a great buy!

But if you're really indecisive, then this is the perfect pack for you!
With an "ERGONOMC" brush and an "EXPERT" one, this is the best choice for daily use, to help freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, prevent cavity development, thoroughly remove plaque and stains, and promote gum health.

The ultimate choice to help you achieve a beautiful, white and healthy bright smile! :) 

Super White

Premium Edition 

Convenient & Easy To Use

A bamboo toothbrush, individually packed in a high quality paper box which is just as environmentally-friendly as the toothbrush itself.

The wavy design of the bristles, "hugs" tooth surfaces and gums, efficiently removing plaque and bacteria.

A choice which guarantees quality, ensuring that your brushing experience is always safe, convenient and enjoyable!

Super Black

Premium Edition 


Eco-Friendly & Ergonomic

A sleek bamboo handle which will never splinter, heat treated and water resistant.

Stronger and harder than wood, bamboo is also more durable and healthier than any type of plastic..

For Kids

The perfect bamboo toothbrush for your children!

The handles are slightly curved for a snug fit and better brush control making it easier for your children to brush their teeth.

The natural bamboo toothbrush handles are lightweight and comfortable, while the soft, BPA free nylon bristles keep your children safe from chemicals and toxin leaching plastics.

*NOTE: Not suitable for babies and toddlers.

Family Pack

The perfect choice if you need a toothbrush for each member of your family.

Each pack contains 4 individually colored toothbrushes, so there's never any doubt which brush belongs to whom:

  • 2 for adults ( 1 with white bristles and 1 with black bristles)
  • 2 for kids (1 with blue bristles and 1 with yellow bristles)

Absolutely ZERO WASTE packaging! We used no plastic windows and no cellophane bags whatsoever. The paper box is 100% recyclable and / or biodegradable.