Why iLoveEco.eu?

OK, Aren't Bamboo Toothbrushes All The Same?

We hear you! You already know how super-duper bamboo toothbrushes generally are.

Then why exactly choose ILOVEECO.EU over other brands?

Truth be told, all the bamboo toothbrushes out there do pretty much the same thing: they keep your mouth clean while avoiding further pollution of our already over-poisoned eco-system.

So we're not going to tell you that our bamboo toothbrushes are better than the other bamboo toothbrushes out there.

Even though in fact, they're way, way better 😛

What really makes us different is that we'll use a share of the profit to try and fund a super-cool, super-futuristic project.

If successfully funded, the project could literally change the world.

What We Do

We offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes while avoiding further pollution of our already over-poisoned environment,

In addition, we fight animal cruelty, by attempting to fund a super-cool, super-futuristic project that could possiblysave billions of animal lives per year

What You Do

By purchasing our toothbrushes you bring us a step closer to our goal to fund an epic project that could possibly:

  • eliminate animal suffering caused by the meat industry
  • save billions of animal lives
  • provide a healthy source of proteins for billions of people
  • reduce the environmental devastation and the public health risks associated with the classic meat industry